Why Choose DXRacer Craft?

Craft, DXRacer's new gaming chair series, born in 2021. After 20 years of development, gaming chairs are now entering the third generation. The first generation was based on the workmanship of the racing car seat. The second generation added more elements, such as different material splicing and customized patterns. DXRacer has followed up with numerous top professional players and game companies to create the third generation, DXRacer Craft.

Craft focuses on making the gaming chair into a piece of art. This starts with the fine material and making the large area a fine embroidery with a high-end industrial embroidery machine. This will make the pattern more stereoscopic, plump, and vivid. Every Craft chair is a masterpiece.

The Leading Gaming Chair Brand

Inspired by the racing cars in the world, DXRacer provides every user with top quality & ergonomic design to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.