How to Minimize Eye Strain While Gaming?

PattyNovember 25, 2022

Do you, like me, sometimes stay up all night or play games with your buddies for several days every day? This may be entertaining, but it may also be harmful to your eyes.

Most gamers regularly suffer from eye strain, however, this is avoidable. You may play video games with less strain on your eyes by simply adjusting how you play. The following are some suggestions for reducing your eyestrain.


Wear Gaming Glasses
Exposure to additional blue light, such as that emitted by a tablet, screen, or even a phone, can cause eye strain and dry eyes over time. Now is the time to wear your anti-glare and anti-reflective gaming glasses. You can alleviate eye strain and other problems by playing video games while wearing special glasses that filter out some of the blue light.

Maintain a Distance from Your Computer

As a first step, your screen needs to be front and center. It is recommended that your eyes should focus on the top one-third of the screen. Read the screen with your eyes slightly lowered. Keeping your eyes at this height will reduce the pressure on your neck and eyes. Maintain a distance of at least 20 inches from your screen while you play. It will help your eyes feel less weary, dry, and strained.

Bring Your Phone to Your Eyes

If you are using a cell phone instead of a computer. It's also important to maintain a healthy posture when playing games on the phone. Remember not to get into the habit of staring at your phone all night and don't lie in bed looking at it. The strain on your neck and shoulders might result from constantly looking down at a phone. Instead of taking your eyes to your phone, bring your phone to your eyes.


Reduce the Screen's Brightness
The brightness of your screen could be too bright by default. You may ease the strain on your eyes by adjusting the screen's brightness and resolution, especially if you're in a dimly lit room. Reducing screen brightness or switching to eye protection mode has long-term benefits for both your eyes and the battery life of your phone or tablet.

Alter the Light Around You

When altering the screen's brightness, the surrounding lighting must be taken into account. The light around you can also play a significant role in causing eye fatigue. You can use task lights to direct natural light directly onto computer screens. Eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches can all be mitigated by using a task light (such as a desk lamp) on a regular basis. LED task lights are safer and more comfortable for the eyes than traditional incandescent bulbs. Remember don’t game in the dark!

Take Breaks From Time to Time

You should plan your work and rest periods, and take frequent breaks from gaming to rest your eyes. Every 20 minutes, take a quick break to look outside, even if it's just for 20 seconds. Your eyes need a rest. Take a break every two hours if you can't look away more often. If you need to use the restroom, drink some water, etc. Also, make sure you're blinking at least 12 times per minute to keep your eyes from getting dry.


With a few easy adjustments, you may lessen the impact of HEV light and get back to what counts most: setting a new high score.