Why Get a Craft Gaming Chair from DXRacer?

PattyNovember 8,2022

◎Best Gaming Chair Brand

The first gaming chair started in 2006 when the DXRacer factory assembled and launched on the world market. Millions of gamers all over the world have made DXRacer their go-to brand thanks to its premium quality and appealing design. DXRacer has developed a sales network in 56 counties and regions.

As the third generation of gaming chairs, DXRacer Craft strives to be a piece of art in terms of its design, materials, and craftsmanship. This blog post will focus on the superiority and uniqueness of Craft Chairs.

◎Custom Patterns Meet Personalized Needs

The DXRacer gaming chairs feature an embroidered area where you may add a personalized pattern. The leather upholstery is also available in a variety of colors to suit your taste. We can make a custom chair for your squad of gamers if you'd like.

◎Exquisite Embroidery Demonstrates High-end Craftsmanship

DXRacer Craft uses the high-end industrial embroidery machine to combine the aesthetics of traditional embroidery with modern manufacturing techniques. This results in a design that is more stereoscopic, plump, and colorful. Craft new generation has high-quality materials, exquisite stitching, and skilled craftsmanship.

◎Lots of Functions for Comfortable Support

In terms of ease and comfort, the Craft series surpasses any other gaming chair series on the market.

The dual-sided firm/soft headrest helps keep your neck from being stiff. The Craft headrest is made with a cutting-edge cooling gel to help keep you cool and comfortable, and it is shaped to support your neck and head in a healthy, ergonomic position.

The integrated lumbar support is ergonomically designed to provide exceptional spinal support for your entire back. The chair's level of comfort may be easily modified with the turn of a dial on the side, just like in high-end vehicle seats.

Your hands and your children's hands will be safe from pinch points and other hidden risks thanks to the patented anti-pinch hand protective covers, which have passed the EN12520 test. Armrests with 4D adjustability are responsive to changes in posture and offer a wide range of customization options.

◎Various Colors Match Different Scenarios

The Craft Series offers a rainbow of colors to match any setting or design scheme and satisfy the tastes of a wide range of users.