Why Do Gaming Chairs Get Squeaky: 5 Common Causes

PattyJanuary 16, 2023


Does your gaming chair make a squeaking or creaking noise? All chairs will eventually show signs of age and begin to rattle after being used frequently. There are five basic causes of rattles in gaming seats.

1) Screws Come Loose
First, check whether the squeaking is caused by loose nuts, bolts, or screws. The chair could make an annoying rattling sound if the screws aren't tightened properly during assembly. In addition, screws can loosen by themselves through friction, usage and vibration. Thus, we need to regularly tighten nut, bolts and screws with the help of a screwdriver or a wrench, especially the four screws on the mechanism tilt.

2) Casters Suffer Wearing
Long-term pressure at the contact between the casters and the wheelbase causes friction, gaps and squeaking noise. To fix this, it is essential to re-purchase a set of casters and replace them, when such a condition is discovered.
DXRacer high-end gaming chairs, equipped with sound-deadening pad on casters, are another measure taken to avoid this problem. The goal is to fill the gaps, lessen the effects of wear and tear, and delay the onset of any squeaking noises.

3) Casters Reverse
If a caster reverses, it will oppose the forward movement of the chair. Or if some parts of the casters are loosened or rusty, that can also be the cause of the squeaking noise. Over time, the casters and chair legs squeeze, creating a gap and annoying squeaking noise.

4) Hydraulic Components Wear
The hydraulics consists of seven fundamental components. The inner tube and mandrel may result in a gap after being under pressure for an extended period of time. That means the creaking noise we hear coming from inside the hydraulics. You need to lubricate the inside of the cylinder piston. Even though the possibility is rare, it should be taken seriously.

5) Incorrect Pressure
Compared to hydraulics, the mechanism tilt tends to rattle more than hydraulics. The mechanism tilts, twists, and is under pressure due to the rocking function, making it similar to a seesaw. Regular use and stress have a negligible effect on the tilt. However, if the center of force deflects, the tilt will be damaged much more and a gap will appear. If you want your chair to keep you safe and comfortable for a long time, regular checks are a must.