How Safe Are DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

PattySeptember 13, 2022

Accessories for the gaming chair need to be made to international standards so that it can endure the stresses of everyday use. In order to address the question of why the DXRacer gaming chairs are so safe, we will now analyze the safety performance of various important parts of the chair.

Steel Frame

The four spring straps that are attached to the structure of the seat back were initially implemented during the manufacturing of racing seats. If a racing automobile is ever in an accident, the driver won't have to worry about shattering his or her bones because the spring straps will provide an elastic cushion to the frame. DXRacer incorporated this idea in their gaming seats by adding spring straps to the frame, which allowed for more flexibility and increased the durability of the foam. The cushion's midpoint is centered on preventing the seat from sliding forward or backward, enhancing stability and security.

The material used in the seat's frame is also important for ensuring its durability and safety. Titanium steel, which DXRacer found to be superior in terms of durability, appearance, and resistance to corrosion, was opted for the company's gaming chairs' frame. To ensure safety, the thickness of the titanium steel is equally as vital as determining if the bent shape meets the required specifications.

In terms of the solidity, the backrest of a chair built with a secure frame for general processing will undergo spot welding to get the desired shape, and then full-length welding to ensure structural integrity. However, some undesirable businessmen would typically merely spot welding, missing the process of full-length welding, which can easily lead the framework to unstable and provide a serious safety hazard. It stands to reason that welding with metal welding robotic arm would be more precise, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing than any alternative method, so go ahead and pick that chair with the solid frame already attached.

Class 4 Hydraulic Cylinder

Following these four guidelines might help you determine if the hydraulic cylinder in your gaming chair is secure. To begin, you should examine the hydraulic cylinder to see if it has a steelmark. A steelmark guarantees a consistent quality from one manufacturer, and ensures a high grade of manufacture. The second step is to take a seat on the chair and then adjust the height of the seat up and down to check the level of lubrication. Then, sit back down on the chair and test the force of rebound. If the hydraulic cylinder's rebound force is low, then there's too much nitrogen inside of it; however, if it's high, then the hydraulic cylinder's nitrogen content is optimal, and the safety factor is high. The accuracy of the air bar was tested by raising and lowering it 60,000 times with the testing equipment and rotating it 120,000 times at the highest and lowest places of the seat height. For your peace of mind, know that each DXRacer hydraulic cylinder has passed all of the aforementioned tests and is subjected to multiple levels of quality control. Our class 4 hydraulic cylinder is certified for strength and durability by BIFMA (by SGS), so you know you're getting the best possible product. It also makes adjusting the height of your seat a breeze, so you can get the perfect fit for your posture and reduce back strain.

Safe Recline Angle

There are usually two types of tilt mechanisms: multi-functional tilt mechanism and conventional tilt mechanism. The backrest can be adjusted to any angle between 90 and 135 degrees, letting you find the perfect spot to play video games or read a book. Additionally, the chair can be locked in a stationary position, or the locking mechanism can be disengaged, allowing the user to rock back and forth.

Heavy-duty Wheelbase and Casters

A load capacity of 1.136 tons is necessary to conform to the international standard for wheelbase. It's common for wheelbase to be made of either nylon and fiberglass or aluminum metal; both of these materials are strong enough to support the weight of the structure above them. The DXRacer wheelbase was subjected to the most severe weight-bearing test: a massive truck was used to force down on the wheelbase, yet it stayed intact. The simplest approach to check if the casters are properly lubricated is to gently push the chair forward and observe its path. For optimal lubrication, the casters should travel in a straight line rather than a curve. The DXRacer wheelbase and casters enable its movement to be both silent and smooth, while also providing unparalleled strength and safety.

After carefully considering the above information, you can confidently purchase your love seat from DXRacer without any concerns.