Craft Series: Exquisite Craftsmanship and Advanced Technologies

PattyAugust 19, 2022

Have you ever imagined wearing an astronaut suit, boarding a spaceship, entering the vast universe, and exploring its secrets? This is the dream of a large number of children. Exploring the secrets of the universe is the best way to inspire a child's curiosity and creativity. You must have considered creating a vast cosmos-themed study or bedroom for your child so that he or she may comprehend the vastness of the universe and space, keep up with the pace of technology and the times, and broaden his or her horizons and mind. Then, the space elements of the gaming chair cannot be overlooked. Then you cannot miss the technologically advanced gaming chair with space elements—Give Me More Space. We believe that you will be impressed not only by the aesthetic appeal of the Craft chair, but also by its craftsmanship and technology.

Craftsmanship of Embroidery

Unlike any other gaming chair on the market, the embroidery of Craft Series features outstanding craftsmanship, exquisite patterns, and delicate touch, which let people appreciate it. For instance, the koi pattern requires 260,000 stitches and seven hours to produce six final pieces. Everyone adores the attractive, upscale, bright, more three-dimensional result than the printing. Give Me More Space Chair is embroidered with astronauts and planet patterns and has a high-tech appearance. Strong science and technology play a general sense and quality feel.

Stitching Techniques

Two-needle industrial sewing is an essential part of the sewing process. DXRacer uses a specialized 2-needle industrial sewing machine to sew the chair’s leather, resulting in a chair with superior sewing flatness. In addition, we used the automatic router machine to sew, handling the sewing process perfectly to achieve the desired appearance and highlight the chair’s sleek line design.

Cutting Techniques

We pioneered the usage of the automatic computerized fabric cutting machine. The computer will pre-set the operation path, and then the automatic computerized fabric cutting machine will perform precise cuts based on the layout logic. Only the fabric with uniform requirements and neatly sewn edges can go to the next stage of manufacture. This ensures a more exact and careful leather-cutting process, thereby enhancing the precision of the seat cover's dimensions and achieving the effect that the leather seat cover is not easily creased.

Leather Crafting Techniques

The bottom layer of composite leather is the final backing fabric, the middle layer is the foam, and the top layer is the leather. The aim of the backing fabric is to strengthen the leather's strength, while the foam’s purpose is to boost the leather's comfort and durability.

DXRacer Craft Series is popular right now, and for good reasons. The ideal gift you could present to a youngster is a gaming chair like this one. Its sleek design and ergonomic construction will encourage them to develop healthy sitting habits while they use it not just to concentrate on studying, but also to broaden their horizons and continue exploring the vast space and the universe.