Bring Good Luck to Your Home

PattyMay 5, 2022

Eye-catching Design

Designed with aesthetics in mind, DXRacer Craft Koi Fish Gaming Chair is superior to other chairs. Undoubtedly, the design is the highlight of the Craft series, showcasing advanced-level embroidery techniques. Kio Fish chair features a number of fashionable elements, including a vivid image of koi leaping from the water, golden words "Koi Fish" as well as Chinese-style auspicious cloud. The front and back of the backrest are embellished with one-of-a-kind images brought to life by vibrant embroidery. I believe the golden koi fish can bring me good fortune and make my performance stand out during gaming sessions.

DXRacer Craft creates customized gaming chairs and unique designs, allowing users to select features such as color, design, add-on components etc based on their needs and preferences.

Main Features

Users are afforded the utmost ergonomic comfort through the use of superior materials, more intricate stitching, and upscale embroidery. I was astounded by the level of detail on the Always Lucky I received.

The adjustable headrest allows you to choose between a firmer or softer cushion, straight memory foam, or cooling gel. Designed to regulate body temperature and provide cooling comfort for the neck and shoulders, the foam pillow incorporates cooling gel while maintaining the natural shape of the neck and head for postural support and comfort.

Additionally, 4D functional armrests are a standout feature, although they are now a standard feature on gaming chairs from well-known manufacturers. They are always appreciated because they make it easier to find a comfortable position to support your forearm and wrist, allowing you to move them as needed up/down, left/right, forward/backward, and outward/inward.

A side-mounted knob, typically found in the seating of luxury automobiles, enables effortless lumbar support adjustment. Simply rotate the knob in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to adjust the height and depth of the lumbar support for exceptional comfort. I've been sitting in this chair for eight to nine hours per day for the past four days, which is unusual for me, and I've experienced no back pain.

The brand-new, upgraded accessories consist of magnetic side covers, a multi-tilt mechanism, PU-coated casters, and a class 4 gas lift certified by BIFMA (by SGS), which provides unmatched stability and security.

Easy to Assemble

The assembly instructions are printed on a large sheet of paper, which makes assembly a breeze. Without assistance, I was able to assemble the chair in approximately 20 minutes.
Four steps of assembly:
Step 1: Assembling The Wheelbase
Step 2: Attaching The Backrest To The Seat
Step 3: Assembling The Seat And Tilt Mechanism
Step 4: Attaching The Wheelbase To The Tilt mechanism