Best League of Legends Setup-Craft 2022 Series Immortals Edition

PattyJuly 1, 2022

About Immortals
Immortals is a U.S.-based professional esports organization that represents the Great Lakes Region in numerous prominent esports titles, including League of Legends (LCS), VALORANT, Overwatch, and Wild Rift. Immortals connects gamers, influencers, creators, fans, staff, and the gaming community through gaming.

About DXRacer
Founded in 2001, DXRacer is a pioneer in gaming chairs. The company has been at the forefront of gaming chair technology for the past 21 years and strives to go further in terms of quality and design. DXRacer gaming chairs are designed to provide optimal comfort and targeted support where you need it most.

About Collaboration

Tim Wu, DXRacer CEO and Brett McGrew, VP of Immortals stated that the both companies intend to be active in 2022 and beyond, providing first-class experiences for Great Lakes community participants and influencers as well as developing chances for fan participation. Your overall gaming experience will be taken to a new level as a result of the collaboration between DXRacer and Immortals.

About Co-branded Chair
Craft 2022 Series - Immortals Edition esports chair features a wider seat, exquisite embroidery and ergonomic design, which bring you a better gaming experience.

1)Unique Embroidery
Craft 2022 Series-Immortals Edition combines traditional embroidery aesthetics with advanced manufacturing techniques to create a masterpiece with superior materials and craftsmanship. The 3D embroidery design is even more striking when viewed from different angles.

2)High Density Memory Foam
The headrest pillow is constructed with high-density, slow-rebound memory foam, allowing it to be precise for maximum comfort.

3)Extra Wide and Thick Cushion
The seat is both elastic and soft so as to alleviate pain and pressure on your hip. The top layer of latex makes you sit more comfortable.

4)Anti-pinch Hand Protective Cover
The patent anti-pinch hand protective covers (passed EN12520 test) protect your hands and children from pinch points and hidden dangers.

5)Ergonomic Support
To help alleviate the strain on your lumbar spine, a built-in lumbar support has been ergonomically designed to provide optimal spinal support. To avoid falling backwards, the backrest can be locked in any position between 90° and 135°. The forearms and elbows are well supported by the 4D adjustable armrests, which are both long-lasting and easy to clean

6)Upgraded Accessories
Long-term stability may be achieved thanks to the multifunctional tilt mechanism, the class 4 hydraulic piston certified by BIMFA (by SGS) and reinforced aluminum base

7)Modular Design
You may add modular parts, such as extendable footrest, multifunctional bracket, and so on, whenever you need to take a break from your work or gaming.